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22 Sep 2016

Products of the 2016 New Horizons Summer ICT Kids Academy


The 2016 New Horizons Summer ICT Academy has come and gone but will never be forgotten as it marks a new height at the Annual Summer ICT Academy.

As part of New Horizons’ strategic thrust to re-positioning Nigeria using the instrumentality of ICT, over 200 Kids between the ages 7-18 enrolled at this year’s edition of the Academy which took place in different cities in Lagos, Ibadan and Abuja respectively. The platform was utilized to teach budding youths on modern ICT skills to solve 21st Century Problems.

The kids were put through hands-on rigorous training which didn’t take long to yield positive outputs in terms of practical development of various ICT Solutions by the youths.

Specifically, they came up with many problem solving & Fun Creating Apps during the summer academy which held between July – September 2016.

Here are some of the major Achievements worthy of mention.


91 years old Oluwadamilola Olutola

Designed a quiz App. The reason he designed this is because he complained of inability of his school club to organize a standard quiz. The App has a text-to-speech function that asks the user if he’s ready for the quiz. Then, there is a start and quit button that allows a user to start or quit the quiz app.



211 years old Tega Efevoghor:  

The App created by Tega is called phone protector, it is such that whenever anyone gets to the phone that has the app on it begins to vibrate and sings specific programmed songs which alert any one nearby. Serves as a form of security alert against theft or privacy.

Tega also created a scratch App called questionnaire and the questionnaire is about the continent whereby the sprite moves round the continent map and it asks for the name of a specific location and if the answer is correct, it tells you that you are correct and when it is not right it tells you incorrect and gives the correct answer to the question.


11 yrs Old Nasirudeen Babalola: “I gained a lot knowledge at the Last New Horizons Summer ICT academy 2016 where I was able to refine and improve my App development skills

He developed 3 Apps in 4 months. One of his Mobile App is a Language Translator. It can Convert text to speech vice versa and also translate in over 6 Major International Languages. He built a Current Affairs App that shows the Current Administration in the Nigerian Government.

His goal in Life is to invent world changing solutions and by the time am 18 years I want to be richer than Mack Zuckerberg.


3213 yrs old TOMISIN OGUNNUBI:

She designed a 3D view Modelling of different perspective ranging from Interior of a house, Airplane landing on a runway….

And also:

  • Modelling A Chips Advert
  • Modeling Of Environment Using Camera Movement
  • Modelling Bedroom                                                                                                                   
  • Modelling A Kitchen
  • Modelling Bookshop
  • Air Plane Simulation Modelling
  • Modelling Android Robot
  • Modelling Humpty Robot
  • Modelling Stair Case With Passage

 (Note: All This Modelling Is Also Done Using Animation And Simulation)




512 yrs old Franklin Adeniyi Osinowo: developed a Talking App and Learning Multiplication

Learning multiplication app is an app that kids and those that want to improve their multiplication skill may use. The app generates a multiplication number and then allow the user to enter an input.


13 years old Oluwanifemi Ogunmade: 

Nifemi created an App called Shoppinglist, where you can list everything you need to get in a market and the app can help you delete any of the items that has been taken care of and if there is anyone you forgot to buy after a specific period it’s going to vibrate.34

Nifemi also designed a game (Arrow game App) where the spirit will have to defend some arrows being shot at it until it  into the door and then it moves on to the next level and that continues until the game is over.gets


 6614 yrs old OOREOLUWA OYETUNJI DANIEL: designed a Restaurant directory app. This app helps a user to quickly retrieve the phone numbers of restaurants around for ease of access. It contains list of some of the restaurant in an area, this make it easier for the resident to access the restaurant phone number.


34514 yr old Mubarak Mohammed Yakub:

Mubarak mobile App is titled quiz logo, this app includes different logo depending on all the categories. E.g the first page of the app contains different sections where you can pick from and all the logos in those particular categories will be displayed and one will need to provide answers to all within a given period of time.

The scratch project created by Mubarak was all about a robot with many life line and as the robot moves it aims at shooting at a particular sprite and it uses computer keys (WASD) for movement and it determines whether the player wins or loses.

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