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3 May 2018

77 Facts About Cyber Crimes One Should Know In 2018.


Sensitization is important for any type of training that involves dealing with people’s emotions and well being. Doctors, policemen, and even firefighters have to go through this training.

I bet you didn’t know that people who work towards their training and certificates in information security also have to do this.

But why, since they’re not directly dealing with clients? They are looking at sometimes sensitive information or information that people wish others didn’t know. They need to get the job done without putting their opinion first.

Topics should at least cover security awareness, the importance of a good anti-virus, malware, phishing scams, and wireless network security. Even these days, without a quality anti-malware application, it is very hard to make sure you’re secure when browsing the Internet, and anyone certified in information security should be well aware of this.

Even more importantly, people working in information security need to go through training so they won’t make mistakes. These mistakes could be critical enough to cost the company millions. It is not a pretty sight, especially for people who make their first steps in the security industry.

Here is a list of our top Information security courses.