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As a motivated professional, you recognize the importance of mastering relevant competencies. Managing your time, perfecting your communication, honing your emotional intelligence and mitigating conflict are just a sample of the crucial abilities that will propel you to becoming a transformational leader.

Our Leadership and Professional Development courses focus on the practical expertise and competencies that you need to further develop yourself and your organization, enhancing your proficiency in key areas.


Accomplishing the Results You Want

Success is measured by results. Detailed plans and a captivating vision are important, but true accomplishment is in carrying your goals through to a winning outcome.

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Building Successful Work Relationships

Individuals bring their unique talents, strengths, experiences, and outlooks to the workplace. Operating collaboratively, these diverse perspectives and styles deliver highly successful outcomes and create high-performing teams.

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Making the Right Decisions Under Pressure

As a leader, others look to you for direction and guidance. The confident decisions you make are imperative to drive productivity, resolve conflicts, and guide your team’s focus and efforts.

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Thinking with Critical Insight

To make the best decision and determine the most efficient and effective course of action, an understanding of the current situation and innovative outlook are important.

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Expanding Your Emotional Intelligence

At the core of the success of every organization, Emotional Intelligence (EI) is central to a well-functioning team. A strong grasp of this crucial skillset is essential to effective collaboration, productivity, and accomplishment.

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Extending Your Sphere of Influence

The art of persuasion is a powerful tool. It empowers you to collaborate with others to achieve mutual outcomes and build consensus. Whether coaching others, developing and growing a client base, fostering support for change, negotiating, or simply working more effectively with peers and supervisors, influencing others is an essential workplace competency.

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Prioritizing Your Time Effectively

Time is limited, so getting the most out of every minute is critical. In this course, you will learn to improve your focus, prioritize tasks, identify and avoid obstacles to staying on track, and develop strategies to get the most out of your time.

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Developing Successful Interpersonal Skills

In our inter-connected world, good communication and cooperation is key to working efficiently. Respectfully engaging with others can enhance or inhibit workflow and be the difference between the success or failure of a project or an entire organization.

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Mastering Positive Assertiveness

Ensuring that you are heard and understood is an essential skill, but it can easily come across as antagonistic and confrontational. Whether addressing behavioural issues or directing a meeting, it is important that you be properly self-confident and emphatic, while maintaining positive work relationships.

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Providing Outstanding Customer Service

In today’s competitive marketplace, outstanding customer service is what sets you and your organization apart. It is what brings customers to you, persuades them to select your offering over others, and keeps them coming back. But how do you provide excellent customer service and stand out from the crowd?

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Strategic Negotiation Skills

Negotiating is an art form. To get what you want, you need to be aware of the other side’s objectives, seeking a mutually beneficial result. You must be able to decide on a goal, plan carefully, and apply key skills and tools to reach a successful outcome.

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The Art of Effective Presentations

Whether speaking publicly or to a specific audience, the ability to build, develop and deliver a purposeful presentation is key to being able to convey your message and achieve your desired results.

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Writing for the Business Professional

From informal memos to detailed reports, writing skills are essential for effectively communicating with colleagues and those outside of your organization. Subtle elements, such as the tone that you use, can have a significant impact on the way that your ideas are received and the persuasiveness of your arguments.

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Communicating Across Your Organization

The success of leaders is rooted in the effectiveness of their teams, as well as savvy communication with colleagues. Guiding and empowering others and creating collaboration is essential.

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Constructive Conflict Management

People approach situations with their own set of experiences, priorities, and viewpoints. Conflict is inevitable. The ability to govern disputes and even avoid them altogether is vital.

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Navigating the Modern Workforce: Diversity, Culture, Generations

The modern business climate is more diverse than ever. Team members are bringing new experiences, expertise, and viewpoints to the workforce; and constant change is the new normal. An astute leader can take advantage of these skills and perspectives while maximizing productivity and fostering employee buy-in.

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Discovering Your Leadership Voice

By their very definition, leaders inspire followership in others. Whether speaking conversationally or presenting before a group, a powerful leadership message delivered with impact and focused on the needs of the audience, can motivate and energize others, further strengthening your leadership effectiveness and galvanizing support for your vision.

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Evolving into the Manager Role

The manager’s role is very different from the non-manager’s. Managers must be able to develop and unify team members, plan strategically, set goals, delegate responsibilities, provide meaningful feedback, and effectively communicate.

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Effective Leadership through Coaching

The most successful leaders recognize that their success depends upon the success of those they lead. Enabling others to grow and fulfil their potential by coaching them to discover and apply their talents and strengths is a core competency of effective leadership. Whether supporting employees to optimize their contribution, or enabling them to further their career aspirations, your coaching will have a positive impact and will foster an environment of growth and success.

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Managing Remote and Virtual Teams

The business model is constantly evolving. Managing remote teams – a rarity just a few years ago – is now a common occurrence. Working virtually offers unique advantages and challenges. But how do you best leverage these benefits while overcoming impediments.

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Transitioning into Leadership for an IT Manager

IT managers require a specific skillset to properly create, oversee, enable, and motivate their teams. From developing an inspiring vision and
empowering members to reach it to meeting deadlines and evaluating results.

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Becoming a Transformational Leader

Transformational Leaders have a tremendous impact. They can empower teams to grow and work together, envision the future, embrace change, and maximize performance.

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Business Acumen for Leaders

A business is more than a building and assets, and business leaders must be masters of many skills.

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Contemporary Leadership in a Complex World

Leading others requires building credibility, communicating effectively, developing trust, making decisions, and demonstrating confidence.

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Critical Facilitation Skills for Leaders

An effective leader harnesses the diverse strengths of the team to maximize performance. Successfully mastering critical facilitation skills and applying them deftly can help drive these results.

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Leadership Excellence for Senior Management

Senior managers have unique demands placed upon them. They need to be able to lead the leaders – offering guidance, critiquing performance, and mentoring their team – while also identifying and developing new managers. To maximize performance and foster a healthy environment, senior managers must also motivate others, nurturing and utilizing the distinctive skills of each team members.

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SHRM Essentials of HR Management

Gain the critical knowledge necessary to help reduce costs, avoid potential lawsuits, and improve your ability to handle challenging HR issues.

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SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP Certification Preparation

Led by qualified and certified HR instructors, our intensive SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP training course, combined with the SHRM Learning System (included for post-class reinforcement), presents a comprehensive and detailed review of the current SHRM body of Competency & Knowledge (SHRM BoCK). By attending, you and your team will be able to identify areas of strength and build on them.

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Business Analysis Courses

Knowledge Areas
BA01 – Business Analysis Essentials

Core Program
BA02 – Strategic Business Analysis
BA03 – Writing Effective Business Cases
BA04 – Eliciting and Writing Effective Requirements
BA05 – Process Modeling Using BPMN
BA06 – Managing and Communicating Requirements for Projects

BA07 – Implementing an Agile Project
BA08 – Agile for Business Analysts
BA09 – Managing Requirements for SharePoint Projects
BA10 – Understanding Root Cause Analysis
BA15 – Planning and Managing Agile Projects
BA16 – Managing Software Projects Using Scrum
BA17 – Advanced Root Cause Analysis
BA20 – Business Process Improvement
BA25 – Agile Product Development Life Cycle
BA26 – Requirements Elicitation
BA28 – Requirements Analysis and Use Cases
BA29 – User Acceptance Testing for Business Analysts
BA31 – Unified Modeling Language (UML) for Business Analysts
BA32 – Unified Modeling Language (UML) for Developers

CBAP Certification
BA30 – Foundations of Business Analysis
BACP02 – Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) Exam Preparation

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