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Oracle Cloud Computing

Cloud Roadmap: Hardware Strategy Is First Step in the Right Direction
28 Sep 2016

Cloud Roadmap: Hardware Strategy Is First Step in the Right Direction

Oracle Cloud Computing

As more businesses downsize their data center operations in the move to the cloud, Oracle Executive Vice President of Converged Infrastructure Dave Donatelli discussed five ways companies can reduce their dependency on legacy data centers on-premises systems will coexist with the cloud for at least 10 years as stated by Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison.


The Options are:


  1. From the data center to engineered systems and storage to public cloud. The benefit of this stepping-stone approach is that Oracle’s engineered systems are not only highly optimized for performance and efficiency, but are cloud-ready by design.


  1. From the data center to hybrid cloud to public cloud. In the hybrid model, companies run some IT workloads on premises and some in the cloud. When companies choose the same technologies in both places (as they can with Oracle), it’s like a cloud insurance policy, said Donatelli, because a common architecture makes for a seamless transition.


  1. From the data center to Oracle’s Cloud at Customer to public cloud. Oracle launched its Cloud at Customer program earlier this year with Oracle Public Cloud Machine, which provides the same platform and infrastructure services available in Oracle’s public cloud, at the same price, only this cloud resides at the customer’s own data center, behind the firewall. Oracle is now expanding the program with Exadata Public Cloud Machine and Big Data Public Cloud Machine.


  1. From the data center to private cloud to public cloud. Some companies build do-it-yourself private clouds, but that’s a lot of work. Oracle’s Private Cloud Appliance comes with compute, storage, and networking already integrated.


  1. From the data center directly to public cloud. Oracle’s complete cloud stack—SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS—can handle any workload, so companies can leave their data centers behind when they’re ready to do so.


Donatelli’s cloud roadmap presentation was followed by a joint presentation from John Fowler, Oracle executive vice president of systems, and Juan Loaiza, senior vice president of systems technology, who explained the performance, security, and cost benefits of systems in which software and hardware are engineered to work together.


“Co-engineering is what happens in the cloud,” said Loaiza. “You get an integrated stack from a cloud vendor, and we’ve been doing that for a long time.”


Source: Oracle


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