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The universe has indeed become one global village. Our children will have no choice than to compete with the Chinese, Americans, the Koreans, the Jews, the Russians for the available resources in the global village to survive and thrive in the 21st century.

Today, the Information Technology world has gone beyond knowledge of computer as a device that accepts, processes and gives out data, it has become a means that students use to create value, develop the economy, have a competitive edge and fully equipped with the right skills-set for the ever advancing labour market.

Education in South Korea, Singapore, Sweden, America are now 100% digital from 2013. Therefore, Nigerians and Africans have no choice than to enhance a complete digital Educational System that will give them TODAY’S SKILLS with which they need to survive in an information Technology century that we are.

This is what motivated New Horizons School Business unit to offer a wide range of ICT training services that cater for the IT need of children in primary and secondary school level of education and their teachers.

Whether you a school owner/parent that desire 21st Century ICT skills for children under your stewardship or a teacher that wants to differentiate himself in the education field, and enhance his value for current and future employers, New Horizons have relevant training programs designed to meet your needs.

  • Our Certification/Innovation training partnership with both primary and secondary schools across the country ensure that pupils in your school acquire IT skills that will make them be at par with their counterparts in developed nations of the world.
  • As a parent, your child could choose to be part of our Summer ICT Academy or Weekend Coding Academy where their IT skills can be groomed to become a technology gurus.
  • Our UNESCO/MCE programme is a professional development program that bridges the gap between technology skills and innovative teaching. This new credential provides robust tools that help educators drive best-in-class integration of information and communication technology (ICT) into classroom instruction.