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18 Jun 2019

Five Elements of Great Logos


You are about to launch a business. You have the product, name, defined your target market, but can’t quite decide on what your logo should be. However, great logos can be identified by certain crucial elements.

A logo is a symbol which identifies your business and differentiates it from competitors. It can leave such a lasting impression that it transforms your business into a brand. A logo is a powerful tool of visual communication.

To arrive at the most suitable logo design, follow these tested principles

simple logo designs

  1. Keep it Simple: Your logo should be simple to look at and understand. If your target market requires several moments to analyze your logo, then you have lost them. A great logo must last through the ages and at the same time, be flexible. This is means they must look good on other materials other than paper. For example, think FedEx



logo colours, logo designs


2. Don’t underestimate colors: Color conveys meanings and ideas. Even the lack of color can be a unique way to make a statement. The choice of color for your logo is dependent on your brand’s personality. For instance, bright colors grab attention while subtle colors portray sophistication. Choose colors carefully because each color brings with it, its own interpretation.


unique logo designs


3. Unique is it: A unique logo is one that differentiates your brand from your competitors. This is one area         where imitation is most certainly not the best form of flattery. To be sure your logo design is original,             confirm from websites such as Logo Thief. For example, think Mercedes whose logo isn’t a car.


logo design ideas


4. Understand your brand: While your logo is an image, it aims at reaching a specific audience. Its design         must reflect what your brand stands for. Every good logo has a story and yours must reflect your story.         For instance, Wikipedia’s logo is a globe of puzzle pieces with some missing. Then again, the letters on       each of the puzzle pieces come in different writing systems. The missing pieces alone explains                     Wikipedia’s ideology of continuous additions or updates to every entry. Every entry on the online                   encyclopedia is never final.


wordmark logo ideas, logo symbol ideas

wordmark logo ideas, logo symbol ideas


5.Your name is Everything: A logo is made up of wordmark and a symbol. While some companies choose to go with a symbol, others choose a wordmark. Using a wordmark however is dependent on the kind of brand name you have. You can get away with a wordmark. if you have a unique brand name. But if it is a generic company name, you may need a symbol to differentiate. For logomark, think CocaCola. For the latter, think Nike.


If your logotype turns out a hit, you can be sure of numerous imitations. To guard against this, an investment in custom hand-drawn types is the best option.

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