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Excel shortcuts
6 Jun 2019

Five Shortcuts to Maximizing Excel


Ms Excel


Excel, the indispensable tool for accounting and all manner of data-related tasks. Its uses and applications are so diverse that some tools escape the notice of many an advanced user of Excel. Here are a few of these tools or short cuts to make your work more efficient.



One Click Selects All

Just one click of the light gray triangle at the top left corner of your spreadsheet and all your data is selected; a faster short cut than using Ctrl + A.


Save Chart as Template


Save Charts as Templates

Say you have just created a chart and you like to use it for similar functions in the future. Just right-click on the chart to reveal the Save as Template option.




Conditional Formatting

For many Excel experts, this is its most important feature. This tool helps to select points of interest in your spreadsheet, depending on their value. Select the column that you are going to format, click Conditional Formatting, pick Highlight Cell Rules and choose the Duplicate Value option.


Ms Excel, Pivot Tables


Pivot Tables

This is another powerful Excel tool that enables you to quickly summarize huge amounts of data into lists and tables. Under the Insert Tab, select the Pivot Table and indicate your data range. In the top half of the right-hand side bar, select your fields. Your table will be generated in the bottom half of the page.

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