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Java, programming language
26 Jun 2019

Learn Java without Programming Experience


What is Java?

Java is both a programming language and a platform. A programming platform is one that helps to run and develop programs written in any programming language. Not many people realize that we use Java programming language on a daily basis; it is used in Android, desktop and web applications.

Why learn Java? 

One of the Most Popular Programs Worldwide: Aside from having real-world applications, about three billion devices run on Java. This is according to Oracle, a computer software company. In addition, it is ranked by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Spectrum in 2016, as the top two programming language.

Forms Solid Base for Learning: Learning Java first teaches you to think like a programmer. Not only will you learn the language, you’ll also learn key underpinnings of programming as well. Once you have learned Java, it is easier to learn other programming languages. It’s an object-oriented programming (OOP) language. OOP simplifies the complete program by dividing it into a number of objects. The objects are then used as a bridge to enable data flow from one function to another.

Opens You to Well-Paying Career Opportunities: Java is widespread; it powers Android apps, server apps, financial apps, Big Data tech, and more. It’s a skill that will remain highly demanded for years to come.

Learning Process

It is easy to learn and based on C++. Java programming language is independent of the platforms on which it is run. A multi-threaded language, it can perform many tasks at once. Java creates Applets; these are programs which run in web browsers.

Java is easy to write and easy to run; this is its underlying strength and the reason why many developers program in it. You only need write the language once and you can run it almost anywhere, at any time.

To learn this programming language, one must keep the following in mind

  1. Know the Basics: This is the best way to learn something new. Get to know the concepts of the language, and understand it. There are several resource materials online to help with this, both free and paid.

  2. You Need Patience: Learning Java can be overwhelming; material on the subject is voluminous. It is best to learn at your pace; mastering this skill is a process. Be prepared to dedicate your time.

  3. Practice Again and Again: Once you are done with the basics, follow up with regular practice. The more you practice coding, the more knowledgeable you become. Practice more than you read.

  4. Read as Much as You Can: To help maintain your interest in Java, read as much as you can on various topics. Do your best to explore the subject.

  5. Study in Groups: Group learning helps to foster your knowledge faster. Discussions can straighten out areas of misunderstanding and solve coding problems. Reach out to people who are interested in learning Java like you are and study with them.

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