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Love Tech Meet and Greet

Do you know the emergence of the Industrial Revolution has become a threat to the security of jobs to many?

Just a while ago we believed the height of transportation was limited to our yellow taxi. Then the advent of the ride-hailing services like Ub & B. came into the picture, giving our reliable taxi service a run for their money.

Also, another instance of the Industrial Revolution can be sighted in the case of Industrial robots that have already replaced many factory jobs and it is believed to replace many more as increasingly capable robots would work alongside humans.

But what is this Industrial Revolution? And why is there a fourth?
Not to worry we have the answer!

New Horizon Nigeria, would love to share this valentine season with her customers, on a one-time opportunity to discuss “Developing new skills relevant to the 4th Industrial Revolution for a rewarding career in 2020″, with the aim of securing the jobs of her customers and keeping all abreast with recently developed skills relevant with the 4th Industrial Revolution era.

*Event is FREE*

Venue: New Horizons Ikeja, 1 Oba Akran road, Ikeja

Date: Friday 14th, February 2020

Time: 9am 

For more information please call Gloria 08122690460

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