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weekend training for children
Class commences January, 2019.

The Future is Here!

About the Training

NextGen Digital Hub is the latest education curriculum available for students to excel in their current academic fields and in preparation for a brighter future.

This training would adopt the STEAM educational approach that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics. The STEAM education approach ensures maximum assimilation, Hands-on experience and breaking boredom and loss of attention during learning.

This training is designed to teach interdisciplinary STEAM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts & Mathematics) in a unique way that focuses on:

  •  Simpler and fun way to introduce programming skills.

  •  Improved ability to create & Innovate.

  •  Preparing kids early for economic emancipation.

  •  Builds team spirit to solve real life problems.

  •  Bringing Arts back.

Available Training

Coding & Robotics

In this course, your children will learn programming skills and how to apply these skills to automate devices to perform tasks. These skill-sets help the industry (Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Financial Institutions e.t.c) to achieve efficiency in terms of Speed, Accuracy, Quality Consistency & Cost Effectiveness.

Graphics & 3D Printing Technology

3D print technology is a well-established industrial technology for conceptualizing, prototyping and manufacturing. In this course, your children will learn how to use multimedia application to models Robots, print real life objects e.t.c using 3D printing technology as part of their big projects.

Technology has provided more opportunities and radicalized education.

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