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Weekend Coding Academy

Weekend Coding Academy

Available Trainings

Advanced Coding covers more depth in the creation of computer software, apps and websites.

This training would focus on Python & HTML to give your child a robust entry-level knowledge on the subject.

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Coding is a technology of the future which makes it possible for us to create computer software, apps and websites.

Coding Technology increases learning/ fast thinking rate and enhances  creativity prowess (Affirmed by Bill Gate).

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Some Testimonials

Shayo Adejuwon developed a Spelling Bee App which pronounces any word which a user types and also built an App which links a user to the lyrics of any song a user is listening to.

Paul Onasanwo, age 7 built a piano App, A guess game App and a mobile website app for his mothers business and a direct call button which can directly call his mother from the App

Demilade Fanimi, age 9 built an anti-theft App for mobile devices, A text-to-speech App and an App that is a mobile version of his dad’s website as his special gift to his dad.

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