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26 Apr 2019

Windows 10: A Beginners Guide

Windows 10 OS

There is a major reason why you should use a Windows 10 Operating System. By January 2020, Microsoft will end support for Windows 7 and also Windows 8 in January 2023.

This means no more Microsoft security updates for Windows 7 and 8. In addition, there will be no more production of software and hardware components for the affected Windows Operating Systems.

Installing a Windows 10 OS, is now a must. If you have a basic understanding of using a Windows OS, this would hasten your knowledge of Windows 10.

  1. How to Start?

Firstly, just as in Windows 8, your start menu is at the bottom left hand corner of your screen. To access all installed applications and programs, click the start menu. An extension is also revealed on the right side of the apps and programs list; it is called the tile.

Peculiar to Windows 10, the tile is a fun way of viewing your favorite folders, programs and apps on your computer. They are optional and can be removed from the start menu if you so wish. Do this by by right-clicking and selecting ‘Unpin from Start.’ To add a tile, select the program of choice from your installed list, then right click and choose ‘Pin to Start.’

2. Navigation Tools

Just immediately to the right of the start menu is a box with a ‘Type Here’ inscription. This is Cortana, a navigation guide and virtual assistant, only found on Windows 10. Cortana displays results it gets from searching your computer or the internet.

Perhaps you need something under Downloads? Just type Downloads, and it would display everything in the downloads section of your computer. Cortana also uses voice commands. Click Win +S to bring up the Cortana microphone.


3. Organize Files

To keep things organized on your computer and make them easily accessible, you use the file explorer. It Is the folder icon on the task bar of your screen. Simply click the icon to display the folders and documents saved on your computer. This allows you to keep your desktop free from the clutter of several folders and other word documents. Say you have forgotten the folder a particular file is saved. Just type the file name in the Cortana box; all files with the name you typed, automatically shows up, allowing you to select the file you want.


4. Password Anyone?

While you do not need a password to log into your system, it is advisable you have one. To eliminate the stress of typing a password every time you log in, Windows 10 provides an array of options. You can do this via the Start Menu, User Icon and then Change Account Settings.

Click the Change Account Settings, to display the Sign-in Options menu . You can select an alphabet-based password, a digit password or even use facial recognition or picture option.

This covers the basics of navigating and using Windows 10. A higher proficiency will require certifications in Microsoft applications. Interestingly, Microsoft certifications have become a prerequisite for many job opportunities. According to the software giant, you are five times more likely to be hired when you show expertise in Microsoft applications.

Some available Microsoft courses

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